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Title: EN Analysis of modern approaches to improve the efficiency of blackout accident management at nuclear power plants
Authors: A. Denysova, V. Skalozubov, V. Spinov, D. Spinov, D. Pirkovskiy, T. Gablaya
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: The paper analyzes the approaches to improve the efficiency of blackout accident management taking into account the lessons of the great accident at Fukushima Daiichi NPP in 2011. It is found that the afterheat removal passive systems by natural circulation through steam generators cannot provide conditions for adequate safety functions to remove heat from the reactor and maintain the required feedwater level in the steam generator during blackout accidents and multiple failures of safety-related systems. The application of alternative approaches using auxiliary feedwater steam generator driven pumps requires additional experiment-calculated operability / reliability qualification for a blackout accident and multiple failures of NPP safety-related systems. However, implementation of alternative SDEFP system requires in-depth qualification for the conditions of blackout accidents. Safety systems of passive heat removal from the steam generator (adequately to active safety electrical systems) cannot ensure safety functions on control of required feedwater level in the steam generator and heat removal from the reactor core during blackout accidents (at least 72 hours) and multifailure accidents. The system of the steam generator driven emergency feedwater pump can be the alternative solution to ensure safety functions on heat removal through the steam generator during blackout accidents. Additional study of efficiency of steam driven pumps at the experimental facilities that meet real-life criteria of hydrodynamic similarity is a necessary condition for implementation of system of the steam driven emergency feedwater pump. Application of an integrated approach to manage blackout accidents is reasonable. At the initial stage of accident with relatively high steam pressure in the steam generator it is required supply of feedwater by the steam driven emergency pump
ISSN: 0453-8307
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