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Title: Implementation of a standardized information management system into activity of scientific and technical library
Authors: A. Bohdanov, V. M. Plotnikov, K. V. Smirnova, I. I. Zinchenko
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: An effective solution to the tasks of preserving and accessing electronic documentation requires software applications, namely an electronic archive within the information management system of the organization. The information management system is a digital object-control and management system, as well as facilitates the planning and control functions of the enterprise. The object of research is the information management system for the fund of the Scientific and Technical Library ONAFT. The main goal of this project is to create a single electronic resource, namely, an institutional repository for the conservation of scientific works, articles, media, patents, educational objects, annotations and dissertations that are freely available for both HIE employees and for the world the communityAt present, information technology plays a key role in the process of obtaining, storing and disseminating information and knowledge, and is one of the most important tools for strategic development of libraries.Modern software tools such as the IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition development environment, the JavaEE specification, the Java programming language, the Spring framework, the Apache Maven and Apache Ant project assemblies, the Hibernate library, the PostgreSQL database management system, the query language, were used to create the software. SQL To play the institutional repository, the DSpace platform, which is an open source software, was usedThe result of the development is the information and control system for the library fund STL ONAFT, implemented for the purpose of free access to research related to the development of a specific subject area, for further use in the educational process of HIE. The implemented software product is based on the established list of requirements for the functional capabilities of the project. During the development of the information management system for the library fund, the tasks were completed.
ISSN: 2312-931X
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